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new year new (s) letter

wowowowowow!! ok. it’s been quite a while! and we have so much to say! so. so so so. where do we begin?

r o c k t h e p o s t

we’re really excited about working with rockthepost to promote our spring line,
c a d e n c e . rock the post is a curated crowd-funding site and we’re honored to be chosen as one of their promotees! there are really great awards for your contribution and we’d be eternally grateful for any help you can give! and since you’re in the know via the official lovinganvil/hogfarm studios newsletter, we’re adding another award. if you are able to donate $5, $10, or any amount less than the first award tier (offically, awards start at $25), drop me a line with your address and i’ll get an el chich magnet (randomly selected) headed your way if the project funds!

check out the project and please spread the word!

m a i n e m a g a z i n e

lovinganvil in the january 2013 issue of maine magazine.  article by joe herbert, photo credit, peter frank edwards

lovinganvil in the january 2013 issue of maine magazine. article by joe herbert, photo credit, peter frank edwards

we received a nice mention and photo in the january 2013 maine magazine issue. the photo is of our maine beach pebble earrings. they’re available via our etsy site, for sure, along with several other one of a kind maine beach pebble jewelry.

a r t e m a s f i n a v e l v e t s

ferdinand the bull, by gil corral 2013

ferdinand the bull, by gil corral 2013

gil’s been painting up a velvet storm and it’s absolutely resonating with people. many of the paintings have been sold even before they’ve gone to market via previews on instagram and facebook. so far, frida kahlo, advenure time characters, bob ross and ferdinand the bull have all been captured on velvet. much much more to come.

what’s that? you say you’d like to join the ranks of elvis, matadors and voluptuous naked ladies? FABULOUS.
to commission a custom velvet portrait from a photo you provide (and artist approval of photo), check out pricing as follows:
**this pricing is for a fairly traditional, single subject portrait. options are endless for a more complex layout but pricing will change. email and we’ll work out the details**

custom portrait black velvet:
8in x 8 in = $95
8in x 10in = $120
10in x 10in = $150
10in x 12in = $180
12in x 12in = $220
12in x 14in = $255

s o c i e t y 6 p e n a n d i n k

nina simone, by gil corral.  2012

nina simone, by gil corral. 2012

gil has a very striking body of work over on and is adding to it weekly. the portraits in the works are mostly of hogfarm studios alumni, and will join howard zinn and nina simone very soon. prints of the original work are of exceptional high quality and reasonably priced. you can also get portrait imagery on tshirts, canvas bags, iphone/ipod cases and pillows. it’s crazy. and crazy cool! keep an eye on it for sure. OH, and just for the next few days, society6 is running a free shipping promotion — this code is valid until january 13, midnight pacific time!

the originals will eventually be available via or by contacting us directly.

s a v e t h e d a t e !

ALASH, Photos © David Aronson

do you remember the first hogfarm show? (tom thumb and annie and the beekeepers, 2007)? this winter, annie lynch and her husband, garth stevenson, are touring with alash, after spending time with them in alash’s homeland, tuva, russia. hogfarm studios is soooo excited to help promote and present this show at one longfellow square. more info to follow, but for now, please mark your calendars!

and that’s all the news that’s good to know.
los corrals


well. i’ll be.

El Chicharron vs Frankenstorm as seen in BusinessWeek

El Chicharron vs Frankenstorm as seen in BusinessWeek

monday morning.  this past monday morning.  as in the day before the day before yesterday.  monday morning we get an email from a reporter, venessa wong, at bloomberg business week.  she’d like to do a phone interview with gil regarding his el chicharron character and artpiece/magnet “el chicharron vs frankenstorm.”

awesome.  check it out here:

and if you’re interested in a copy of the image for yourself, pick that up here. . some el chich stuff here, and lots more to come.

10% of all profits will go to the red cross hurricane sandy aid.

el chich is near and dear to us indeed.  he shows up whenever he’s needed.  and does what he does so well.  it’s great to see him get a little national press for sure.

¡viva el chicharron!

los corrals

summer in maine! and pearl and the beard!

it’s been a crazy busy summer over here at the hogfarm!  and of course the blog is painfully neglected.  so we’ll revisit things in reverse order.  or out of order, at any rate.



we just had a wonderful visit with the pearl and the beardies while they were in town to play a show in portland, maine!  ice cream cake!  the keyboards!  monster high and winx club!  just general joy and love!  xoxoxoxo


miss cv

yey! ice cream cake!




if you lost it on new year’s eve, it’s probably here

but of all the things that appeared, this one is the weirdest.  without a doubt.  we cannot speculate on the series of events that brought this small, plastic shoe to our cafe table on our porch.  actually, that’s not true at all.  we’ve speculated quite a bit.  it trends towards a dapper gnome.  wish i actually saw him. and the poor little guy, all cinderella-style now.

the red bic lighter (also appeared new year's eve) in the photo for a sense of scale.

if you can confirm or dispute this theory, please drop us a line. we’re all ears.
love, peace and fair trade,
los corrals


spirit family reunion at hogfarm studios on new year's eve

thank you, mr donnell, for sending us wonderful photos from the new year’s eve hootenanny.  the warmth and joy of the evening so well captured, makes this frigid, stoic tuesday night much sweeter!

listo at hogfarm studios, new years eve

notice there are no photos of wesley hartley and the traveling trees,  the band in which our talented photographer plays.  tomorrow i’ll start posting video from the evening so the traveling trees will be well represented then.

blood warrior at hogfarm studios, new years eve

all the music and musicians and all in attendance were (are) so beautiful and lovely — i know i’m saying the same thing over and over but was such an incredible evening.  the videos and photos make me really really happy.  lots more to share in the days to come.

brown bird at hogfarm studios on new year's eve

love, peace, fair trade, y próspero año
los corrals

new year’s eve at the hogfarm

spirit family reunion

the spirit family reunion

oh man.  sometimes things just come together in the dreamiest fashion.  and this is one of those times.   our beloved spirit family reunion is headlining the new year’s eve show here at the hogfarm!  they will be joined by our equally beloved brownbird (reunion-style with the robinsons joining dave and morgan eve), and our beloved (again) WAH and the traveling trees.  AND our beloved pals dave noyes and kelly nesbitt unite to form listo.  (what?! i’m out of breath) AND we have some crazy beloved surprises in store.  all that for next to nothing.  the cheapest, most chock-ful o’ goodness new years eve date to be found.  for reals.



join us dec 31, starting around 7pm, for a night of music, friendship, good tidings and brother/sisterhood.  bring a ten dollar donation to the traveling bands, a dish to fortify and sustain the musicians and fellow patrons, bring your own beverages, and you are most welcome to pack a sleeping bag, etal. for a safe, cozy slumber here at the hogfarm.  for a few more dollars please stick around for a foodline-style pancake breakfast.  shake off the cobwebs and greet 2011 with a full belly, a warm heart and elated soul.  that’s the goal, anyways.

wesley allen hartley and the traveling trees

please rsvp so we can get a good head count and have a sense of what to plan for.  once we get your rsvp we’ll send you more details.

brown bird

brown bird

the most auspicious start to the year ahead!

los corrals

back in the studio and it’s awesome

gil’s been focusing his creative energy in his painting studio these past couple months, getting ready for a show at mayo street arts.   it will hang the month of november, 2010 with a festive opening First Friday, november 5, from 5 – 8pm.  it is a pairing with artist angela devenney, and the hogfarm studios team will have a dia de los muertos interactive installation/ofrenda to share with the community.  please come and check it out!

love, peace, and fair trade,
los corrals