S O L D O U T & S E L L I N G F A S T

esteemed lovers and fighters:

the may 20 show has sold out – and the may 26 show is filling up fast.  click here to secure your spot!

los corrals


tickets for the last two shows

hey lovers and fighters –

we decided to make brownpaperticket pages for both of these events.  they’re filling up fast and with lots of people coming from far, it just seemed like the right thing to do.  so.  here are the spots to purchase:



would love to see you there!
los corrals


laura gibson . twain (mat davidson of low anthem) . tom thumb
at hogfarm studios may 26.  8pm  $12

los corrals

the grand finale

rsvp, loves.  it’s filling up fast.  it will be a spooky beautiful stellar show.

los corrals

the first of the last

here it is, kids.  hogfarm studios presents the undertheradar music series!

may 20th
jocie adams (of the low anthem) . pearl and the beard . the david wax museum

please RSVP for location & to reserve a seat –
music@hogfarmstudios.com or 971.645.9710
doors  at 7:30, music promptly at 8:15
$12  at door- byob

dearest lovers and fighters

you are the most esteemed and lovely escorts, over these past five years, and we are so absolutely honored by your sweet company. please come play and dance with us twice more, for the final two shows in the green barn.

we could not ask for more. truly.
MAY 20 brings jocie adams, the david wax museum, and pearl and the beard. all three alumni of hogfarm studios/hfs annex. and we’re quite passionately in love with all of them.

jocie adams (of the low anthem) will mesmerize with selections from her sparkling brand new album bed of notions. she has the good fortune to be accompanied by marketa irglova of swell season.
(PLEASE watch this link here…of marketa accepting an acadamy award – it’s awesome – !!)

oh the david wax museum. we’ve come up together, for sure. and now they’re turning heads at the newport folk festival, getting mentions in time magazine, and moving the donkey jaw from the underground!

pearl and the beard are coming! in the barn! no WAY. more joy than you can shake a stick at (more joy than at which you can shake a stick) and causing a stir quite in their own right. fresh off all kinds of SXSW acclaim. acclaim everywhere they go. they’re so awesome, they move their fans to caricature.

all are welcome to come step out of time for a mind blowing evening.

t h a w . march 11

what was that?  did i just hear ice cracking? i think i did.  it just might be showing signs of weakening…

hey kids!!

a homecoming of sorts! we’re putting on a show in our old spot – back at it and so psyched to work with k+g at the oak + the ax to bring two of the area’s finest to biddeford – come check out the coloradas y samuel james at the oak + the ax!

march 11, 8pm $8!

los corrals

if you lost it on new year’s eve, it’s probably here

but of all the things that appeared, this one is the weirdest.  without a doubt.  we cannot speculate on the series of events that brought this small, plastic shoe to our cafe table on our porch.  actually, that’s not true at all.  we’ve speculated quite a bit.  it trends towards a dapper gnome.  wish i actually saw him. and the poor little guy, all cinderella-style now.

the red bic lighter (also appeared new year's eve) in the photo for a sense of scale.

if you can confirm or dispute this theory, please drop us a line. we’re all ears.
love, peace and fair trade,
los corrals