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well. i’ll be.

El Chicharron vs Frankenstorm as seen in BusinessWeek

El Chicharron vs Frankenstorm as seen in BusinessWeek

monday morning.  this past monday morning.  as in the day before the day before yesterday.  monday morning we get an email from a reporter, venessa wong, at bloomberg business week.  she’d like to do a phone interview with gil regarding his el chicharron character and artpiece/magnet “el chicharron vs frankenstorm.”

awesome.  check it out here:


and if you’re interested in a copy of the image for yourself, pick that up here.

artemasfina.etsy.com . some el chich stuff here, and lots more to come.

10% of all profits will go to the red cross hurricane sandy aid.

el chich is near and dear to us indeed.  he shows up whenever he’s needed.  and does what he does so well.  it’s great to see him get a little national press for sure.

¡viva el chicharron!

los corrals


oowhee baybee

i heart valentines.

i love love.  i mean, i loooooooooove love and good feelings and treating eachother sweetly and hugs and smooches and friendship and good stuff.  and for that reason (besides the opportunity to really rock a pink and red color combination) i crazy heart valentines day.  boo hiss to any valentines humbugs, it’s just more pink champagne and glorious cupcakes for the rest of us.  on that note, come by for themed libations and snax on friday, feb 13!  we’ll start at lovinganvil AndMOR around five, then love parade over to hfs annex around six or so — get settled in and celebrate lovefest style with the david wax museum and friends!  I CAN’T WAIT!  for true!