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new year new (s) letter

wowowowowow!! ok. it’s been quite a while! and we have so much to say! so. so so so. where do we begin?

r o c k t h e p o s t

we’re really excited about working with rockthepost to promote our spring line,
c a d e n c e . rock the post is a curated crowd-funding site and we’re honored to be chosen as one of their promotees! there are really great awards for your contribution and we’d be eternally grateful for any help you can give! and since you’re in the know via the official lovinganvil/hogfarm studios newsletter, we’re adding another award. if you are able to donate $5, $10, or any amount less than the first award tier (offically, awards start at $25), drop me a line with your address and i’ll get an el chich magnet (randomly selected) headed your way if the project funds!

check out the project and please spread the word!

m a i n e m a g a z i n e

lovinganvil in the january 2013 issue of maine magazine.  article by joe herbert, photo credit, peter frank edwards

lovinganvil in the january 2013 issue of maine magazine. article by joe herbert, photo credit, peter frank edwards

we received a nice mention and photo in the january 2013 maine magazine issue. the photo is of our maine beach pebble earrings. they’re available via our etsy site, for sure, along with several other one of a kind maine beach pebble jewelry.

a r t e m a s f i n a v e l v e t s

ferdinand the bull, by gil corral 2013

ferdinand the bull, by gil corral 2013

gil’s been painting up a velvet storm and it’s absolutely resonating with people. many of the paintings have been sold even before they’ve gone to market via previews on instagram and facebook. so far, frida kahlo, advenure time characters, bob ross and ferdinand the bull have all been captured on velvet. much much more to come.

what’s that? you say you’d like to join the ranks of elvis, matadors and voluptuous naked ladies? FABULOUS.
to commission a custom velvet portrait from a photo you provide (and artist approval of photo), check out pricing as follows:
**this pricing is for a fairly traditional, single subject portrait. options are endless for a more complex layout but pricing will change. email and we’ll work out the details**

custom portrait black velvet:
8in x 8 in = $95
8in x 10in = $120
10in x 10in = $150
10in x 12in = $180
12in x 12in = $220
12in x 14in = $255

s o c i e t y 6 p e n a n d i n k

nina simone, by gil corral.  2012

nina simone, by gil corral. 2012

gil has a very striking body of work over on society6.com and is adding to it weekly. the portraits in the works are mostly of hogfarm studios alumni, and will join howard zinn and nina simone very soon. prints of the original work are of exceptional high quality and reasonably priced. you can also get portrait imagery on tshirts, canvas bags, iphone/ipod cases and pillows. it’s crazy. and crazy cool! keep an eye on it for sure. OH, and just for the next few days, society6 is running a free shipping promotion — this code is valid until january 13, midnight pacific time! http://society6.com/lovinganvil?promo=90f26e


the originals will eventually be available via artemasfina.etsy.com or by contacting us directly.

s a v e t h e d a t e !


ALASH, Photos © David Aronson

do you remember the first hogfarm show? (tom thumb and annie and the beekeepers, 2007)? this winter, annie lynch and her husband, garth stevenson, are touring with alash, after spending time with them in alash’s homeland, tuva, russia. hogfarm studios is soooo excited to help promote and present this show at one longfellow square. more info to follow, but for now, please mark your calendars!

and that’s all the news that’s good to know.
los corrals


a rich and stellar full sensory music experience

we’re amped.

prepurchase tickets here: brownpapertickets.com/event/88232




loop 243 and garth stevenson at hfs annex




Brooklyn World-Fusion group Loop 2.4.3 re-creates Zodiac Dust at The Hog Farm. Joining the night’s performance is Garth Stevenson, stand up bass/multimedia virtuoso .

Biddeford, ME, October 14, 2009  World/Classical fusion group Loop 2.4.3 performs at The Hog Farm, featuring the music from their release, Zodiac Dust, with a performance at 8 p.m. on Saturday, November 14th 2009 at The Hog Farm, 140 Main St., Suite 107 (back alley) Biddeford, Maine 04005.

In the tradition of sonic innovators like Steve Reich, Konono N1, Moondog, and Radiohead, Loop 2.4.3s new album flows through a vast array of sounds and rhythms across the nine tracks on Zodiac Dust. Their first CD, Batterie, was said to reinvent percussion (Fresh Air, NPR).  Their new CD, nominated for album of the year at the Independent Music Awards, adds piano, voice, strings and two instruments of their invention, the Rose Echo and eLog, both to be featured at the upcoming performance.

Well known for their live shows, recent Loop 2.4.3 performances have been described as Transportive (Boston Phoenix), Intricate and energetic (The New York Times), Mesmerizingstunning (Time Out Chicago),  a hard driving set (Alex Ross, the New Yorker), and a mind-blowing show (Sean Boyd, Art Farm Recordings). The intimate space at Psalm Salon is ideal for the groups percussion-centric, visually exciting performances.

Garth Stevenson (http://www.garthstevenson.com) is an experience that should not be missed.  His peice/performance of  “Grandfather” wins International Society of Double Bassists Composition Competition
“Grandfather” for solo double bass with electronics won the International Society of Double Bassists Composition Competition in the Media Division. It was composed this piece in memory of his grandfather, John Stevenson.

Loop 243 Bio:

Hailing from Michigan and arriving in Brooklyn via New Haven and Seattle, Loop 2.4.3 has spent the last five years alternately traveling and working in a Bed-Stuy loft space, focused on writing, improvising and creating their own style. They have performed with Clogs, Newband (Harry Partch Ensemble), Daphnis Prieto, Belle Orchestre, the Books, Evan Ziporyn, Sufjan Stevens, Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond, the Decemberists), Joe Morello, their late mentor Robert Hohner, dancer/choreographer Alan Good, director John Jeserun, as soloists with the Brooklyn Philharmonic at the BAM Opera House, and at Times Square as a collaboration with Robert Indiana, Michael McKenzie and Teresa Smith. The group has toured internationally and performed for radio, theater, and television, including footage for The Learning Channel and MTV, and appearances at the Sydney Festival, the London Jazz Festival, Merkin Hall, and the Japan Society (NYC) among others.  Please visit http://www.loop243.com.

h f s a n n e x . l o v i n g a n v i l

paul raed

beautiful color out and about, something about autumn that is so calming;  cider, spices, gentle breezes and earth colors….aahh.  a perfect accompaniment to this beautiful time of year can be taking in a nice night of music at the hfs annex — please join us .

we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the wonderful support many of you have shown during our start-up period.  we realize times are tough, and for you to make a desicion to come spend an evening with us, and to support the arts, is something for which we cannot thank you enough!

that being said, we would like to mention something about our admission prices.  we have made a concerted effort to keep admission prices as low as we possibly can during this bleak economic period.  our business plan and model was developed around a much higher admission fee than what we are asking.  this was to compensate artists as gainfully as we could while taking a small percentage for operations.  well, with people out of jobs and the economy in the proverbial sh!tt3r, many plans have flown out the window.  we have flat lined prices to an average of the $5 dollar mark.  as many of you have witnessed, the artists whom we have been so lucky to have visited biddeford are worth so much more than what we collect at the door.

it has been bittersweet,  inspiring heartfelt events that help keep us going, then the sobering reality of solvency and trying to keep the doors open.

we are all in this together, and are experiencing some amazing solidarity.  musicians understand the situation coming in, and they continue wanting to come play for all of us.  our booking requests are growing exponentially by the week.  it is truly amazing.  and to our community of fine folks, we humbly ask that you continue to check local listings and our website, for events coming to hogfarm.   we are asking for your support by helping us spread the word with friends and family and would love to see you come on out for some quality entertainment.  we are quite grateful for the press coverage as of late — add to the growing list, a feature in this month’s maine magazine and a great review of the brad hoshaw and the seven deadlies show in the phoenix.

then on the 25th, come out for some stellar family fun at the annex with DR.GASP.  catch the halloween spirit with this show for all ages…$6 for adults, $3 for twelve and under, and a spooky good time for all!!

we do love halloween/dia de los muertos over here at the hogfarm household.  can’t get enough of the stuff.  so we’ll keep the festive fun going with another holiday show!  october 29th we welcome the cabinet of natural curiosities and tin ceilings — it promises to be an amazing night of magic and swirling spirits!

november is already picking up speed with  TATLMTTWdan blakesleecahalan morrison from new mexico. on nov. 7th

Audrey Ryan, and a special guest on nov. 13th

on november 14th, LOOP 243 is coming back!!  the percussion masters from brooklyn, ny dug playing for us early this past summer — we’re thrilled to host them again!   with very very special guests, garth stevenson (stand up bass virtuoso), and a surprise special guest between sets.

lilia garcelon is (wo)maning the ship at lovinganvil AndMOR on thursdays.  she’s absolutely lovely, and a powerful superwoman to boot.  we are so thrilled to have her as part of our team!  please stop by and say HI.  a thousands thanks and endless love to rachael weyand for all of her help on fridays.  we’re so sad to see her go, but so psyched she’s doing what she’s doing and the very best of everything and more to her!

lots of new stuff coming into lovinganvil — and today miss cv and i will be there, working on her halloween costume (a fancy, victorian ghost, for those wondering) and building our dia de los muertos offrenda in the window.  i’m not sure if the bunnies will be there or not.  blue raspberry ate thru a stereo speaker wire and our modem plug the last time she was cruising around.  d@mn bunnies.  but the are cute.  we’ll see.  oh.  and the bunnies also ate thru our phone cord.  so call 971.645.9710 if you want to get a hold of us.  until the cord is replaced.  but don’t tell gil.  he’s already threatening to make bunny stew.


los corrals

jon donnell

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