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complete and utter joy boding well for the new year

Andy Arch and Mat Davidson (Tom Thumb and Twain, respectively) taken at the Grand Finale of Hogfarm Studios Undertheradar Music Series.
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two brand new projects from a couple of our most favorite people, and musicians, in the world.

both Tom Thumb and Twain are up to good stuff and we’re over the moon madly in love over here at the hogfarm. pinkie promise you’ll check it out.

ok. good. here are the links:

Tom Thumb: http://tomthumb.bandcamp.com/album/dancehall-elegy-2

Twain: http://twain.bandcamp.com/album/new-record-coming-preview-secret (full album available soon…)

this is going to be an amazing year. i can feel it in my bones.

oh, and guys, miss cv is focused and jamming on her ukulele daily. just food for thought on your next albums…xoxoxo

*photo credit: Bryan Bruchman/Hillytown


S O L D O U T & S E L L I N G F A S T

esteemed lovers and fighters:

the may 20 show has sold out – and the may 26 show is filling up fast.  click here to secure your spot!

los corrals


laura gibson . twain (mat davidson of low anthem) . tom thumb
at hogfarm studios may 26.  8pm  $12

los corrals

the grand finale

rsvp, loves.  it’s filling up fast.  it will be a spooky beautiful stellar show.

los corrals

it’s here it’s here it’s here

and we are on our way!!! join us in wassaic, ny as we are SO honored to present some of the finest musicians we’ve crossed paths with at hogfarm studios!!

the wassaic project!  an amazing FREE, annual, multi-disciplinary celebration of art, music, and community in the hamlet of wassaic, ny. 2010 will feature over 80 artists, 25 bands, poetry readings, dance performances, film screenings,and and and!!!

we’re curating much of the saturday line up:

11AM: Live Music: South China @ Maxon Mills Porch
12pm: Live Music: Tom Thumb @ Maxon Mills Porch
1pm: Live Music: Annie & The Beekeepers @ Maxon Mills Porch
3pm: Live Music: The Last Good Tooth @ Maxon Mills Porch
4pm: Live Music: This Frontier Needs Heroes @ Maxon Mills Porch
5pm: Live Music: Wesley Hartley & The Traveling Trees @ Maxon Mills Porch
6pm: Live Music: Points North @ Maxon Mills Porch
7pm: Live Music: Spirit Family Reunion @ Luther Barn Stage
9pm: Live Music: Pearl and the Beard @ Luther Barn Stage